Cavtat is a small town in the municipality of Konavle, 50 km south of Slano, below the Adriatic Highway and near the airport in Ćilipi. Cavtat is located in a beautiful bay closed by the Rat and Sustjepan peninsulas. During the period of antiquity, Cavtat was an important Roman colony called Epidaurus.

If you wish to visit this small town – make sure to visit the birthplace-museum of the renowned Croatian Modernism painter, Vlaho Bukovac (Cavtat, 1855 – Prague, 1922), Baltazar Bogišić’s collection and the pinacotheca (art gallery) in St. Nicholas’ church. You can also climb St. Roko’s cemetery, from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the open seas. There is the Račić family mausoleum – made by the world-famous Croatian painter, Ivan Meštrović (Vrpolje, Slavonia, 1883 – South Bend Indiana, USA, 1964). You can also visit one of the events during Cavtat culture summer. It takes place from late June to September. Or you can just enjoy a walk on the promenade of Cavtat.
Other places you can see in the Konavle area: Sokol-grad (Falcon Town) or Sokol-kula (Falcon Tower) in Dunave. It is a fortress that used to belong to the Bosnian nobles. It has been mentioned in written documents since 1391 (although it existed earlier too), and it was renovated in 2013 when it was opened to visitors. You can enjoy a view of the Konavle area and the surrounding landscape from the tower. You can also visit the Franciscan monastery and St. Blaise’s church in Pridvorje. The church is a well-known pilgrimage site. There is also the Konavle Native Museum in Ćilipi and watermills and “stupe” (fulling devices used in the past) on the Ljuta river.