Slano and the surroundings

This area has been inhabited as early as prehistorical times (the remains of the buildings are on the nearby hills) and antiquity (old Christian sarcophagi are exhibited in front of the Franciscan church). Since 1399, Slano had been part of the glorious Republic of Dubrovnik so a rector’s palace was erected here too. Apart from tourism, today’s 600 inhabitants mostly live from agriculture, olives, wine making, fishing, fruit growing and picking herbs (sage, laurel, absinthe). Slano is located on the Adriatic tourist road so it is easy to get there by car.

You can reach us by a sea vessel too and moor in a small port or in the newly-opened, modern ACI marina. If you decide on coming to Dubrovnik by plane, we shall take care of the transportation to our apartments. 
Slano is a perfect choice for all tourists who are looking for a quaint destination, with crystal clear blue sea, in the immediate vicinity of the city, yet far enough from the city hustle and bustle. The magnificent Dubrovnik is only 30 km away! “Those who seek paradise in Earth should come see Dubrovnik”, wrote the famous Irish writer G. B. Shaw in 1929, after visiting this world popular city. You can also take a trip by boat to the mysterious island of Mljet, one of the most beautiful in the world. The western part is the part with the National park, a magical natural oasis with two salt lakes surrounded by Aleppo pine and cypress woods. The peninsula Pelješac is also near. It is the second largest in Croatia (77 km long). It has traditional Mediterranean settlements, high wooded hills, fertile olive groves and vineyards (the famous wines Dingač and Postup) and naturally protected sea coves.